Cricket is life

Yes, I live in Finland. Yes, I love cricket. And no, I have never lived in a country where cricket is one of the big sports, such as India or the UK or Australia. In fact, I've never lived anywhere but in Finland. But I did go on vacation to Goa, India, in December 2007, during a Test Series between India and Pakistan, and I got curious about a game that clearly was the most important thing in the world to untold millions of people.

And, being a translator, I was annoyed that I didn't understand what was going on, despite reading about the previous day's play in a number of newspapers. So I decided to learn the rules and terminology of cricket, just to have that box ticked, so to speak.

I came to love the game. Apparently, to understand cricket is to love cricket. So those of you who don't love it are just saying that you don't understand it.



                             Here you'll find my Wisden India article in unedited form.