Information in English

First Communion Mass

Please check the time and date of this year's Swedish-language First Communion Mass at St. Henry's Cathedral with the teachers (but odds are it's at 12.30 on the third Sunday in May 17). The children receiving their First Communion that Day should be at the Cathedral no later than twnty minutes before the beginning of the mass. Please remember the one-hour fast before receiving Communion.

Dressing for the First Communion Mass

Dress for the First Communion Mass is tidy and well-dressed. In Finland, there is no tradition of girls wearing the First-Communion dresses like young brides that you see in many other countries, but if that is a tradition you have in your family, girls are welcome to dress in that tradition. We do not recommend very short skirts for girls, but the main thing is that everybody looks tidy.


For the Confirmation Mass, the young person being confirmed needs to have a sponsor. However, for the First Communion Mass there is no special job for the child's godparents.


The children recieving First Communion will sit in the first pew (which will be marked Reserved). Family and friends can sit anywhere else in the Cathedral.

Please note that the Finnish-language High Mass begins at 11 o'clock and won't end until around 12.15. Kindly allow the participants of that Mass to exit the Cathedral before entering for the 12.30 Mass in Swedish.


Please make sure that not all parents are up front trying to get a nice picture of their son/daughter receiving First Communion. Instead, we urge parents to coordinate beforehand and share pictures among themselves, so that everybody gets the photo they want, but nobody disturbs the Holy Mass.